S5:E28Kyle Dubas (General Manager, Toronto Maple Leafs): How to Manage a Team of Elites00:22:04
S5:E27Aurora James (Founder, Fifteen Percent Pledge): How Can We Create More Shelf Space for BIPOC Brands?00:32:37
S5:E26Erin Bury (CEO, Willful): Everything You Should Know About Getting a Will00:44:32
S5:E25Harley Finkelstein (President, Shopify): How Are You Future-Proofing Your Business?00:38:31
S4:E24Jeanne Gang (Founding Principal, Studio Gang): How Can Architecture Be Used as a Force for Social Change?00:27:56
S4:E23Kayla Grey (Anchor, The Sports Network): How Can We Learn to Say Yes to Ourselves?00:39:01
S4:E22Ronan Levy (Founder, Field Trip Health): Are Psychedelics the Future of Mental Healthcare?00:39:28
S4:E21Donté Colley: How Can We Protect Our Joy?00:29:34
S4:E20Priyanka (Drag Queen): What Can Drag Queens Teach Us About Being the Ultimate Entrepreneurs?00:39:33
S4:E19Jen Wong (COO, Reddit): How Can Online Communities Drive Real-World Change?00:26:56
S3:E18Roy Woods (Musician): How Can We Better Support Emerging Artists?00:26:51
S3:E17Hali Borenstein and Kathleen Talbot (CEO, CSO; Reformation): How Are Environmental and Racial Justice Connected?00:42:09
S3:E16Arianna Huffington (CEO, Thrive Global): How to Tackle Burnout Culture00:29:51
S3:E15Manjit Minhas (CEO, Minhas Brewery, Distillery, and Winery): How to Work With Your Family00:34:33
S3:E14Michael Katchen (CEO, Wealthsimple): How Can We Get More Comfortable Talking About Money?00:28:18
S3:E13Scott Cutler (CEO, StockX): Are Sneakers The Next Big Asset Class?00:30:25
S2:E12Justin McLeod (CEO, Hinge): How Can We Use Data to Crack the Code on Dating?00:27:04
S2:E11James Jones (Notorious Cree): How Can We Find New Ways to Pass On Our Culture?00:29:39
S2:E10Nick Nurse (Head Coach, Toronto Raptors): How to Build A Team of Champions00:25:53
S2:E9Greg Brown (AsapSCIENCE): How to Think Like A Scientist00:34:40
S2:E8Allen Lau (CEO, Wattpad): How to Unearth the Next Big Thing00:42:00
S2:E7Bruce Poon Tip (CEO, G Adventures): How Do We Travel With Purpose?00:29:54
S1:E6Arlene Dickinson (CEO, District Ventures): How Can We Reinvent Ourselves?00:37:04
S1:E5Byron & Dexter Peart (Co-founders, Goodee): What Does the Future of Luxury Look Like?00:41:39
S1:E4Joey Zwillinger (CEO, Allbirds): Should Companies Pay for Their Pollution?00:34:45
S1:E3Dr. Kamran Khan (CEO, BlueDot): How Can We Use Artificial Intelligence to Disrupt Infectious Diseases?00:32:42
S1:E2Maitreyi Ramakrishnan (Actor, Never Have I Ever): How Can We Fight for Better Representation in Hollywood?00:31:32
S1:E1Michele Romanow (Serial Entrepreneur): How Can Entrepreneurs Help Solve Today’s Toughest Problems?00:34:24
S1 trailerSeries Trailer00:02:29