S3:E38Puerto Rico's Spectacular Sicydium Gobies
S3:E37Beautiful Brook Trout
S3:E36Fishing Adventures: Special Episode!
S3:E35Atlantic Sturgeon: Humongous Among Us
S3:E34Ultimate Goth Sucker (Hogsuckers)!
S3:E33Candy Darter: Sweet Appalachian Fish
S3:E32Yukon River Chinook: A Gwichya Gwich'in Perspective
S3:E31Common Carp: Dog of Fish
S3:E30Tennessee's Pretty Little Barrens Topminnow
S3:E29The Slow, Old Greenland Shark!
S3:E28Pygmy Sunfish: The Mini Seven
S3:E27Mooneyes & Goldeyes: Alien Curiosity
S3:E26Goliath Grouper: Volkswagen Beetle of Fishes
S3:E25Mariana Snailfish: Trench Fish Extraordinaire
S3:E24Flathead Catfish: Chocolate, Cavities, and Constantine Samuel Rafinesque
S3:E23Red Snapper
S3:E22Bluegill: The Gateway Fish
S3:E21The Colorado River's Mega Minnow (Colorado Pikeminnow!)
S3:E20The Man-Sized "Megafishes"
S3:E19Something Fishy: Freshwater Mussels
S3:E18Tuna: a Hawaiian Perspective
S3:E17Ancient Eats: Royal Lamprey Pie!
S3:E16Roanoke Logperch
S3:E15River Herring Return: A Spring Wonder
S3:E14Herbivore and More: The Chiselmouth!
S3:E13Mexican Tetra: Surface Swimming to Spelunking
S3:E12Freshwater Drum: Thank Your Lucky Stones
S3:E11Char-dcore Dolly Varden: Isolated Arctic Dwarfs
S3:E10The All-Female Amazon Molly
S3:E9Yellow Perch: Friday Fish Fry
S3:E8Lionfish! Not Your Mane Squeeze
S3:E7California Killifish: Wee King of the Salt Marsh
S3:E6Sacramento Perch: California's Heritage Sunfish!
S3:E5Razorback Sucker: Colorado River Livin'
S3:E4Rainbow Trout!
S3:E3Opah! Warmest Fish in the Cold Blue Sea
S3:E2Lingcod: Pacific Coast "Buckethead"
S3:E1Reflections & Casting Forward
S2:E50Goldfish Gone Wild
S2:E49Special 100th! Pallid Sturgeon
S2:E48America's Pickerels
S2:E47Broad Whitefish: Trade & Tablefare
S2:E46Blue Sucker: Fish Nerd's Fish
S2:E45Prince of Wales Island Sockeye Salmon
S2:E44First Food: Pacific Lamprey
S2:E43Beneath the City: North America's Blindcats
S2:E42Goblin Sharks: Life in the Slow Lane
S2:E41Utah's One and Only June Sucker
S2:E40Arizona-Grown Apache Trout
S2:E39Tennessee's Snail Darter
S2:E38Molas: solar-powered fish with jellies in their bellies
S2:E37Fish On! Falling for Fallfish
S2:E36Scraping & Shimmering: The Stonerollers
S2:E35Flying Fish!
S2:E34Gone Fishing!17
S2:E33Channel Catfish!
S2:E32Alaska's Wild Salmon: An Unangax̂ Perspective
S2:E31The Rio Grande (Texas) Cichlid
S2:E30Long Valley Speckled Dace: A Cryptic Desert Fish
S2:E29Lumpsuckers: Nature's Cutest Suction Cup
S2:E28Great Lakes Cisco (Lake Herring)
S2:E26Alaska Pollock: Face Behind Ye Fillet o' Fish
S2:E25The Percussive Red Drum (redfish)
S2:E24Topeka Shiner: Little Fish, Big Story
S2:E23Big Skates: Roombas of the Ocean
S2:E22Bigmouth Buffalo: Misunderstood Centenarian Fish
S2:E21Gambusia (Mosquitofish)
S2:E20American Shad: Running Silver
S2:E19Redeye Bass: "Trout of Alabama"
S2:E18Moi of Molokai (Pacific Threadfin)
S2:E17Bowfin: Beauty Beneath the Bow
S2:E16Pacific Footballfish: A Deep Sea Treasure
S2:E15Ugiidatli (Sicklefin Redhorse): A Cherokee Perspective
S2:E14Rio Grande Suckers
S2:E13The Southeast's Secretive Smoky Madtom
S2:E12West Virginia's Diamond Darter
S2:E11Pacific Salmon (with a side of Striped Bass) with Jeff Corwin
S2:E9The Snakehead Dilemma
S2:E8Longear Sunfish: Slab-Sided Beauty
S2:E7Bluehead Chubs: Dressed Up & Ready to Nest
S2:E6Humpback Chubs: Colorado River Swimmer
S2:E5The Odoriferous Delta Smelt
S2:E4Scalyhead Sculpin feat. Thaddaeus Buser
S2:E3Sea Lamprey: it's complicated!
S2:E2Arr Matey, it's the Pirate Perch!
S2:E1Behind the Scenes: Back Cast, Fish Forward!
S1:E53Holiday Darters: Making Streams Merry & Bright
S1:E51Pre-Contact Chum Salmon Management
S1:E50Jigging for Tomcod (Uuġaq)
S1:E49Big and Beautiful: Bull Trout
S1:E48Fishing Mudsharks with Traditional Traps
S1:E47Lake Chubs: North America's Northernmost True Minnow
S1:E46Devils Hole Pupfish: A Tiny Oasis
S1:E45Humpback Whitefish: Athabascan Fish Camp
S1:E44Mysteries of the American Eel
S1:E43Zombie Salmon!
S1:E42Cohos of Alaska's Delta Clearwater River
S1:E41Whitefish: Traditional Iñupiaq Fish Trapping
S1:E40Sucker Lovers
S1:E39Sheefish Science in Selawik National Wildlife Refuge
S1:E38Striped Bass: Superstar Perciform
S1:E38Bering Cisco: Alaska's Fish
S1:E37Ratfish: Join the Chimaera Club
S1:E35Gila Trout: New Mexico's Sunset Fish
S1:E34Pacific Halibut: Both Sides of the Fish
S1:E33Yukon River Fall Chum Salmon
S1:E32Alaska's Big-Finned Arctic Grayling
S1:E31Pink Salmon: Humpies of Southeast Alaska
S1:E30Columbia River Steelhead
S1:E29Salmon Sharks!
S1:E27Arctic Grayling: Fishing with Grandpa
S1:E26Science of Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon
S1:E25Bristol Bay Sockeyes: An Alutiiq/Sugpiaq Perspective
S1:E24Bad 'dads: Kodiak Island's Invasive Crawdads
S1:E23Wild Sea-Run Atlantic Salmon
S1:E22Lake Sturgeon: Big Fish Story
S1:E21Spring is Here: Northern Pike
S1:E20King of the Kenai: Chinook Salmon
S1:E19The Remarkable Stickleback
S1:E18Salvation Fish: Eulachon Bring Spring and Fresh Hope
S1:E17Called to Sea: Steelhead Trout Answer
S1:E16Sturgeon: Living Dinosaurs of the Pacific Coast
S1:E15Sablefish: Denizens of the Deep
S1:E14Rockfish Rundown: Pelagics & Non-Pelagics
S1:E13Alligator Gar with "The Gar Guy" (part 2)
S1:E12Alligator Gar with "The Gar Guy" (part 1)
S1:E11Coastal Cutthroat Trout
S1:E10Winter Kings of Kachemak Bay
S1:E9Sockeye Salmon Preppers
S1:E8Dolly Varden of Izembek Refuge
S1:E7Lake Trout: Lessons from the Lake
S1:E6Sheefish: Ice Fishing Alaska's Largest Whitefish
S1:E5Alaska's Ancient Lampreys
S1:E4Coho Salmon: Tips for Kid-Friendly Winter Fishing
S1:E3Alaska Blackfish: The Arctic's Air Breathing Fish
S1:E2Burbot: Sing-Song Gadoid
S1:E1Northern Pike
S1 trailerComing Soon!42